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Friday, May 14, 2010

berapa kali nak cakap,c0uple tu haram..

Was a while ago I think I could be useful ..

Time in class friends all love it ..
I want to 'join', my friend said menyibuk ..

There is also a strong emo .. I kate
My-little bit angry ..

I commented when I sebenarnye noise they make time to learn ..

I try to do my last comedy

claiming to want to pull the attention of others
I am most happy when someone giggles when I hear jokes
especially female students ..
All the boys I said 'mat capub' (search publicity) ..
but I do not moan ..

as long as there is a great ..

But I still feel the vacancy ..

It is human nature ..

Seoarang men will be attracted to women

I feel like that ..

I see friends I have a 'couple' ..

In dorm sms awek until the morning ..

there is a call to awek one night can be out 10 dollars ..

I started thinking ..

"Do I need to love?"

With a sense of form four students that ..
I have started to aim for ber'couple '..
And the time that I know you ..

rase I find I'm the most important person in my life ..

First you sell expensive ..

But I do not buy the story .. gak ..

Eventually, the story was cut short ..

I even began to love ..

Time dating, I was very excited

What people say .. 'ALL OUT'lah ..

haha ..
I always call you, you shall always call me ..
'Gayut' night-night .. sometimes I do out RM10 per night ..
But all the sacrifices I made the ber'couple 'tu ..

Do not feel any loss ..

Mase love is beautiful ..

All beautiful ..

Little-bit-joke joke
Little-bit-giggles giggles
If insisting men pujuk2 ..
If 'birthday' we celebrate together ..

For this yourself, feel very happy ..
Because time is appreciated that feel themselves ..
I've terikir ..
Let my friends I look like I,
I said kind ..
As long as you understand me ..

One day I heard a talk ..
Alhamdulillah ..
In my talk I know, I am all for sin
and I had to brubah ..
My life must be consistent with Islam ..
I have to be good ..
Because it's human nature .. menginginakan good ..
all people want to go to heaven right?

Since the moment I began to close the distance with the mosque ..
Bring yourself to the Al-Quran ..
Congregational prayer is always the beginning of time ..
Always listen to tazkirah.The ..

I bought a translation of the Quran, Quran because I tadabbur

I bought two, one for me, one for you,

I do not want to be a good one yourself ..
so I invite you all ..
I invite you read the Quran ..
AWK kejut morning I wake up .. (calling)
I invite you to give each other tazkirah.The ..

First you surprised by my change ..

Do you remember me I want to be pious, I brenti couple.
I said, we do not do things .. one
love for God ..
We do not like the other couple ..
Couple of other people ', Jiwang Jiwang' je ..
ade lg mksiat completed wat ..
hold, hold hands and kind of more ..
But our good couple ..
Keep the limits Islamic ..
Do not use text-Jiwang Jiwang
promise do not want to see, evil .. fear there
free sms and call je ..

And AWK accept my changes ..
I have a lot of your advice ..
AWK been received ..
Although sometimes you sulk because my comment tu
But I understand that change takes time ..
And finally I think ..
Our relationship growing diredahai ..
Salu I pray that we will remain up to the gates of marriage ..

In the process of changing my
I began to realize that preaching is obliged ..
We must convey to the people of the truth.
If we do not preach ..
we will be accountable by Allah in the Hereafter.
Compatible with a saying in Surah Al-A'raf,
the seventh chapter, verse number 164:

And (remember) when a nation

One said: "Why do you

He advises people to

destroy them or punish them

with a terrible punishment?"They

said: "The reason we have

(Discharge) to the Lord,

and that they fear. "

I gave my last start tazkirah.The on friends and siblings

Commented they are anything to go wrong ..

I can not stand when you see people do wrong / dose ..

I want to be commented.
Selemah2 commented faith with faith, because I want to be a strong person .. Faith
Ape further commented je la .. next .. next-graduates ~ ~

Lepas tu, a time ..

I read about the couple ..

"Sacred Sword"

I do not believe ..

but if I read the details that he for ..

the right kind of pulak ..

Wisudawan ~ ~

but biasala ..

If we like one thing I ..

we will be looking for reasons to 'allow' our opinion ..

I also do not know about things tu ..
and just continue our relationship ..
we do not do evil ..
We hold the hands of the streets ..
non-Jiwang Jiwang ..
Just take the weight of each other ..
Ask newspapers ..
Chat-chat ..
Tzkirah ready for more ..
What is the flesh of my things?
Not kisahlah ..

Time progresses ...

I want to close my time Trial SPM ..
another three weeks before the trial ..
within that, I really diligent study with a friend ..
study group was
At the same time, the tazkirah.The ..

It is received ..
There also was not aware that
Sometimes when commented ..
I will be angry ..
various reasons-macamlah
I said I have commented wisdom ..
I said some ostentation je ..
But does not care ..
I have complained place ..
Wisudawan ~ ~

Once upon a time ..
while mentadabbur Al-Quran on his own ..
I came across this sentence ..

Why do you ask others

(Do) good,ye

forget oneself (obligations) you own,

when you read the Book (Torah)?

But do you not understand?

(Al-Baqarah, verse 44)

I thought ..

"So far I have caught people commented JE.
But I do still have many shortcomings,
Irritability, like waste time,
ade gak sins that are done ..
How so? "

I found the last sentence is this ..

And do not confound

right wrong nor

hide the truth, when you


(Al-Baqarah verse 42nd)

Suddenly I thought of a friend .. keritikan

"Yield you say je tu .. .. style eruption pious, but the couple gak .. aje you
with us .. I wonder who commented .. "

Think for a while ..
Sebenarnye ber'couple 'ni can go out?
Is all this I can only assume it?
Habis tu, why do I feel ashamed when the mother and father
know I always respect a woman?
And sometimes I think the situation?

All sorts of things I think ..

Cut a long story again ..
I went to Penang to attend a seminar dkwh ..
I hope with my understanding of my seminars will be better .. preaching

In the course of the seminar tu ..
I still sms again with you in the bus ..
longer time messages so do not forget to read the Quran today, early prayer time ..
In my mind ..
"Ni about preaching also remember, remember each other .. .."


Evening ended with a session ta'aruf,
at 10 everyone is free to my own activities
Furthermore, we were all tired ..
I will not be long-long program to the middle of the night ..
the organizers already know ..

Suddenly I felt happy to ask the facilitator is there ..
I think this is the best time to ask his opinion about the couple.
But I tragak-bit ..
"If the right couple is .. I finished that, I
was how? I get to clash?
Yield, was any thought like that .. ask je la. If
I was wrong, what I fear? "

So I approached the 'Brother' facilitator tu ..
Membelek him to my middle-translation of Al-Qurannya reconciliation alone.

"Hey, bang, I want to ask you
can? "

"Em, can sit down ... I wonder what the NTA?

"Er .. kind of life, before I get involved with my preaching, I know a
my friends, women la. But bukanla as usual .. a close friend gak la. Non-ordinary meeting, but rapatla .. "

"Love to!"

I want to say that I am embarrassed couple. Wait what was Brother I have him angry Kate .. nnt. I even nodded. I asked my last ..

"Actually .. ni can couple to not bang?"

"Experts is constantly working, it is human nature, men are attracted to women, so women will be attracted to men. But in Islam, such feelings should be controlled and it is unwavering. Mixing should be maintained. Firman Allah in Surah Al-Isra ', the chapter number 17, in the 32's verse:

And do not approach adultery: for adultery is an abomination and an evil way."

"I cuss, I do not see that we were approaching my adultery. Our good intention. I tried my best to control our relationship. Sms-Jiwang Jiwang been Sita, often for tazkirah.The again. We interval-interval for, today me, tomorrow he. "

I do not want to give up.

"It is true, good intentions nta. But remember, faith is never justify the means. The criterion will only criterion, which will Haq Haq. Try to look at my sentence."
As I bukak Brother Al-Quran to him, and show to me this verse:

And (also) the 'Ad and Thamud, and so was clear to you (their destruction) of the (ruins) where they live. And Satan made them look good

their actions, so he kept them out of the way (God), while they were people looking sharp.

(Surah Al-Anakabut, Surah 29, verse 38)

"Experts is constantly working, if nta understand my words, what actually happens at the nta is, Satan has a lovely view was nta nta bad thing to do. Although nta looking sharp, knowledgeable nta meaning high. It nta good intentions initially, but remember, the devil is very cunning. He was nta hard fall into the evil predominates. Furthermore, all the time Mudjiono nta sms with him, nta remember Allah. There must be time nta only entertain feelings with him, right? "

True also reported. Lepas tu I said, "I cuss, I promise him I do not want to see LG. Because I know that I will meet many dangers. And he agreed. We keep ourselves together. Mudjiono it can lead to adultery also bang?"

"Em, that's right, I promise nta do not want to see him again. I could NTA

avoid eye adultery, fornication hand, adultery feet. nta do not want to call if the promise will die, ears nta to avoid adultery and fornication of the tongue. Hehe .. but there are still nta adultery can not avoid when bercouple .. "

"Zina heart?" I guess.

"Yes, adultery heart. All this is explained in the hadith of the Prophet on how I approach adultery. NTA can 'check' in Riyadahus Solihin, the prohibition under section view of women. He said, eyes can be adulterous by sight, the tongue can be adulterous to talk, hands can be adulterous to hold on. can be adulterous legs by walking to the place of evil. The heart can be adulterous with a miss, remember and haunt her. Hakikatnye, how it was nta, nta could not run away from the heart of adultery. "

I was silent .. speechless. I do not know what is spoken. All the brother I said nothing wrong. Then he continued ..

"Ana used to have couple gak. More soon from the nta. Since the school until I entered U, near the I grade. But when ana ana aware of what was my one, ana trus neglected." Ana is ready I think he is wedded ana, which will be the mother of the children ana. If I followed the big problem of ana nta. "

"I worry la bang. Wait what his friends said. Before I always ask them to please close it. Must they will not be satisfied with me. And also, I fear nothing will be on him if he could not accept my decision. Because we already shares a close. "

I'm first time I choked. Properly ashamed. Next crying Brother tu ni stories about things. Fortunately, there is no other to my org. Brother I jwb ..

"If his friends were not satisfied, they can do what? Most even worse, they will be saying in the back of the nta. NTA is not even a bit less. After all, in my preaching, we want to look pleased God, let them say what I anything whatsoever, which is pleased with Allah. If God is not pleased, I do not mean everything again. "

I trdiam again.

"Article die, the cube nta think from a positive angle, perhaps he will accept the results nta scara maturity. Maybe he will make a decision to no longer bercouple. Ana confident, she will not do anything stupid. If the die was even, then not tagguungjawab nta, nta what I want to do right, to leave sin. All persons shall bear upon his return sndiri. "

I'm not able to withstand it. Time, I cried, I already sdar couple that I must stop. I clearly now, I couple are illegal.

"So what do I want to bang?"

"Ana used to, send a sms je her funeral. Ana explain the relationship he built it wrong. Sorry, we have ended here. I would never find me again. Then ana continues to change the number. Ana is not direct contact he then tu. "

"Which means, I can not contact him again to? I bang, I ade the girl friend of another, nor can I contact them?"

"With his other ni. Nta I had a 'history' with him. But, if later ditaqdirkan nta a university with him, a lecture, then I must also do group discussion, to my nta serve only if he has a group discussion partner. "

Suddenly I wondered ..

"He told me I ni ni gak to clash tonight? Now gak? Mudjiono very beginning?"

I say ..

"I think I have the strength ade la bang. Can not wait until I have my strength, my new tiggalkan my things?"

I remember I ran it. Then he answered ..

"Hehe, nta to be remembered. Strength can not be awaited, but it must be established. He will not change a people until the people change their own situation. NTA may refer to Surah Ar-Ra'du, 13th chapter, verse 11. Moreover, nta tuggu up when I want to leave a couple of new ni .. my brothers facilitators have been many couple, when in preaching, they tiggalkan. "

Oops ... can not escape lagilah nampaknye .. I feel like my brother forced me to my Clash as well.

"Overall I clear it .. It seems I've got my things tiggalkanla gak ye. How tired do not want to press the button it's my phone. Rasa did not want to."

"If I'm not willing to let ana help push it."

"Eh, what is not bang. Let my own type."

I hesitate I want to type the time. But I also self gagahkn ..

"Everything I do I clear .. grace-grace again. Fear God will guide my pull, I was hard to leave. Kan I always pray to be kept away from evil .. so it seems, now is the time .."

Then slowly I type sms tu ..

"Hey .. But so far our relationship is in Islam. I thought that by changing our way of socializing, it is already possible, but actually it is still sin. Istiqamah I hope you will continue to change you I do, for God. I am sorry I happen to do all that. If there mate, if it please God, will be met as well. Assalamualaikum .. "

Proper weight I want to send sms Kat AWK. I still can not afford greetings tiggal. Because I in my sms I just akhirkan the formula. Last for some time .. I press the button [send].

Lepas tu displayed on the screen ..

[Sending ..]

[MESSAGE Posted]

Time I feel like I already lost half of my life. Like .. I can not believe I send an sms, and clash with you ..

"Thank you bang .."

"Takpe, my responsibility .."

I night I sleep with tears linangan .. I think .. MMG dark .. I really never thought to clash, but that is best for us sbenarnya ..
Suddenly I remembered the words of Allah .. Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 216 ..

It is prescribed for you to fight, but fighting is something that you hate. It may be that you hate something, but it is good for you, and may be (too) ye love a thing although it is bad for you God knows, you do not know.


Time progresses .. I continue to get to work with other work. In my efforts lupekan AWK, is not easy, but I keep trying. I always have to tazkirah.The, remind people.

I for Ta'lim in msjid, explain to people, illicit couple, show all the evidence .. All sorts of things happen .. there is criticism .. ade yg gk kisahlah stuju .. but not all that ..

Suddenly one morning ni, .. you can sms from you for flower pictures .. I have the sentence ..

"The first composite good as expected .."

I think you still can not forget me. I even think .. "Is it stress it." Lepas tu I send my sms. And it is the last one ..

"There is nothing more beautiful than a divine keredahaan .. any portion of the first composition that, as long as I get keredahaanNya, but no avail ..

Hey .. I know, I used to say, if there is match, if-God will meet as well. But I do not want you wait. I forget. Let God determine .. Again one

Do not look for human love,
it is full of fraud,
, and not permanent ..

But seek God's love ..
no fraud,
tidakkan been disappointing
.. love is eternal
Love the diredahai ..

-The Last-"


[Sending ..]

[MESSAGE Posted]

I make my decision.
I am sure what I was my right.
I am confident that God will provide the best for me.
I can never turn back ..

How much .. forever..

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