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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

haiyaa ;p

What is ur full name ?

Zamsaninie binti zamri

When is ur birthday ?


What is ur father name ?

Zamri bin ngah

What is ur mother name ?

Salbiah binti bidin

How many siblings do u have ?

Maybe four , haha xD

Where do u live ? 

Alor gajah , malacca

What is ur favourite colour ?

Purple , black , blue

Still studying ?

Yup , kelantan mari ;p

Do u have bestfriend ?

Of coz laaa

Do u love them ?

Love them damn much :)

Jazz or pop ?


Coke or 100 plus ?

Watermelon , heee ~

How much do u have in ur wallet now ?

Rm 53.25

High heels or flat ?

If fear of falling high heels , better flat :D

Skirt or jeans ?


Shirt or blouses ?


Watch or bracelet ?

Watch ( mase e2 emas )

Favourite watch brand ?

If free will does not matter wat brand , ahaha ;p

Do u have a girlfriend ?

Sgt2 banyak yah !

Do u have a boyfriend ?


Do u love him/her ?

I love people who love me

Do u ever kiss him/her ?

Who ? him ? her ? HAHA

Facebook or myspace ?

Fb laa

What is ur dreams ?

Nak kuros la , waaa :'(

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